Friday, January 15, 2010

Coming Soon: Guest Bloggers from the Contemporary Graphic Novels Seminar

Over the next several months, the members of my Contemporary Graphic Novels seminar will be on board as guest bloggers on More Than Words. Each of them has to read a monthly comic book for the duration of the class and then post 2 entries on that comic. In addition, each of them will be blogging on one book from the Leddy Library collection of graphic novels (a collection you should definitely check out if you are in Windsor). If you were reading the blog when last year's class guestblogged, you know that the next few months will feature some lively and engaging writing about comics. I'm looking forward to reading their posts and seeing the range of texts they have chosen.


Anonymous said...
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NICOLE M said...
hey Dale, I am getting into the blogging again I will have you know! Also presenting a classroom activity idea today about assigning blog, webzine and zine writing projects to highschool seniors, FYI!
the above link has some really great music including "Daniel, Fred and Julie" (Dorion)