Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Graphic Novels Collection at University of Windsor's Leddy Library

As I have mentioned before, Leddy Library here at the University of Windsor has a great collection of graphic novels. Begun in 2005, the collection is continually growing, encompassing everything from full runs of Y: The Last Man and Sandman to Chester Brown's I Never Liked You and Seth's Clyde Fans to the recently re-issued collections of Peanuts and Terry and the Pirates. There are academic books on comics such as Thierry Groensteen's System of Comics and Jeet Heer's and Kent Worcester's edited collection, A Comics Studies Reader. There's a bit of manga, a smattering of European comics, some Scrooge McDuck, and even a collection of two of romance comics. In short, there's something to interest everyone.

But don't take my word for it. Check out Leddy's Graphic Novels page at Library Thing to get a sense of some of the titles in the collection.

As well, if you're on the UW campus later this month, stop and check out the display of posters on how and why to read a graphic novel, created by the students in the Contemporary Graphic Novels seminar. Not only will you learn something about comics, but you'll be able to see even more of what's available in the collection at Leddy. And I guarantee you that the librarians at Leddy are nicer than Rex Libris.